About New Mexico Woodturners

The club was founded in 1992 by a group of dedicated wood turners who recognized the value in coming together on a regular basis for sharing tips and techniques, helping each other gain turning proficiency, and expanding what was often a solitary hobby or vocation into a more social and interpersonal setting.

The club has been associated with the American Association of Woodturners as a Local Chapter from its inception.

Our founding members, many still active today, include:

Founding President:
Ken Bray
Founding Vice President:
Bill Zerby
Founding Treasurer:
Red Hollenbach
K.G. Brown
Myron Montman
Bart Wolf


 Officer, Directors, and Committees for 2018


President  Hy Tran  505-844-5417
Vice President  Rick Judd 612-280-8300
Secretary Steve Gallegos 505-991-4406    
Treasurer Bill Baca 425-218-4562
State Fair Bill Mantelli 505-298-2603
Webmaster  Mike Gardner 505-298-3190
Lead Videographer Derek Roff 505-438-1820
Co-Photographer Kathy Knorr 847-819-2515
Co-Photographer Steve Gallegos 505-991-4406
Newsletter  Roger Umber  505-249-0444 
Membership Aaron Tinnin 505-232-2165
Equip/Workshops  Scott Eckstein 505-332-0947
Green Wood - ABQ        Greg Hoefler 505-228-1601 
Green Wood - SF Eric Hester  816-509-1333 
Past President Larry Linford 505-870-1601
AWA Liason Shane Yost 505-980-9940